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Contamination of Synthetic Minerals with Heavy Metals in Pet and Agricultural Feed

 The use of synthetic minerals in pet and agricultural feed has been a topic of concern due to potential contamination with heavy metals. Several studies ...

Understanding Pork Safety and Nutrition in Raw Dog Feeding

Ensuring Pork Safety: USDA/FSIS Guidelines Our commitment to your pet’s health begins with ensuring the safety of the raw pork we source. To achieve this, ...

Phosphorus in Milk

By Chelsea Kent and Roxanne Stone   Why does the body need phosphorus? Phosphorus is essential for various cellular processes, including ATP synthesis, DNA and ...

Pet Food Math – How Much to Feed

Pet Food Math? All you ever wanted to know about your pet food label in numbers How much do I feed my pet?Part 5 I’m ...

nonHPP vs HPP

Chelsea Kent discusses the comparison of using HPP and natural ways to ensure food safety.

Dehydration and Carbs Math

Did you know that the consumption of carbohydrates can cause dehydration? Chelsea helps you understand this concept and how to do the math!

Feces Math

Chelsea Kent discusses how you can reduce the amount of poop you have to pick up in the yard or litter box.

Understanding and Overcoming Picky Eating in Pets

Chelsea Kent shares ways to introduce new foods to your pet.

Why is My Dog ALWAYS Hungry?

by Chelsea Kent Explore why your pet seems like they are starving when they have already eaten. 
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