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We have always looked at the pet product industry as a community. Most people have tunnel vision/focus on the end product, the pet itself, and their person. This ignores the fact that most of these products are made of other animals. These “ingredient” animals exist to make or become foods. Their quality of life is solely determined by the demands of the consumers feeding these products. And it’s not only the ingredient animals that are impacted. The carbon footprint, economic impact, environmental impact, and employee quality of life along the way are drastically (and often tragically) different depending on the sourcing, management and processing of each product.
We seek to improve the impact of the pet industry at every single stage, from the microbiota of the animals and the earth, to the ingredient animals, to the employees at the processing facilities, to the environments downstream, and the health of the pets and pet owners themselves. We have leaned heavily on a combination of traditional and modern science to determine the Goldilocks point where we know that old-fashioned methods improve and strengthen the planet, health and community rather than harm it.
We know from experience that most products and companies have a tremendous amount to hide or be in denial about if you look past their marketing materials. But our views and practices are holistic. We are not afraid to zoom out and see the impact at every stage. We’re proud to say confidently that anywhere a customer could look into our manufacturing they will find that it is clean, humane, happy, sustainable, and beneficial to the individuals (both animal and human) involved.

We also recognize that with this focus on quality sourcing, cost goes up. In addition to our commitment to contributing to a better world we are also committed to consumer and retailer education.  It is through education that value is clarified. It is also through education that we find ways to make the impossible possible. Solutions diets are primarily designed by a retailer, Chelsea Kent of Hero’s Pets and in collaboration with a variety of holistic vets, advocates and farmers. With experience in retail dating back to 2007, Chelsea has spent nearly every day figuring out how to make products that appear to be “too expensive for the average consumer” affordable.  She has worked tirelessly to formulate Solutions products in a way that affords the most budget conscious consumer an opportunity to join our cause and use our products. 

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