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Solutions Pet Products, LLC

Grass-Fed Meats and Dairy Products. Sustainably Farmed Organic Produce. Fresh Pet Food Solutions for Dogs and Cats.

Our Mission

A Solution for the Earth.

Our farmers understand the necessity for nourished earth. Using regenerative farming practices, they cultivate a thriving environment for plants and animals, working harmonically with nature to achieve holistic wellness.

A Solution for Our Pets.

Disease prevention starts with nutrient dense, fresh foods. We do not damage our foods with harsh chemicals or processing techniques. We celebrate living foods and will maintain the vibrancy of our products for the health of our pets.

A Solution for Pet Parents.

Knowledge enables freedom - we strive to empower pet parents to make educated choices about their pets’ health - our collaborations with top vets, nutritionists, and regulatory specialists enable unique opportunities to share knowledge from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Regenerative Farms

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Grass fed
Meat & dairy

Who We Are

Your Healthy Pet Food Solution

A solution for nourishing pet food. We are stewards of traditional farming and sustainable agriculture. We are scientists, doctors, and researchers. We are passionate educators who revel in the joys of teaching. We are a community. We are innovators. We are pet parents striving to make a difference.

Education Center

Pet Food Math – How Much to Feed

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nonHPP vs HPP

Chelsea Kent discusses the comparison of using HPP and natural ways to ensure food safety.

Dehydration and Carbs Math

Did you know that the consumption of carbohydrates can cause dehydration? Chelsea helps you understand this concept and how to do the math!

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