Using traditional farming and modern science to create simple solutions to complex problems


Raw Milk is easy to absorb. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, protein, and a plethora of nutrients that support even the most immature and damaged digestive systems.


We have 3 recipes of diets including chicken, beef, and pork. All of our diets have:

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Humane processing and eco-friendly packaging
  • No HPP (high-pressure pasteurization


Gelatin is healing to the digestive tract, connective tissues and organs. Our gelatin is thick with natural collagen and elastin. Gelatin also improves the absorption and utilization of proteins. Using our sustainably sourced gelatin can improve the skin, coat, joint, nail and gut health of your pet.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplement blends to assist your pets health. Blends are designed to help with

  • Allergies and immunity
  • Decreasing pain and inflammation
  • Thyroid health
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Elimination of bacterial infections
  • and more…

Functional Treats

We have 4 recipes of this yogurt based, ancient persian cheese recipe

  • Anti-inflammatory DOGh
  • Urinary Health DOGh
  • Parasite and Coprophagia DOGh
  • Calming DOGh


Solutions has partnered with some esteemed colleagues in the veterinary field to bring you a new and exciting addition to some of our diets. We are working with RISOBiotics, which is a division of All Creatures Healthy Soil, Inc to bring you gut biome support like you have never seen!

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