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"When I was told my 1 year old dog had kidney disease and wouldn’t make it till 2, I was devastated.  Her vet at the time told me to feed her a “prescription” food and hope for the best and that was it.  I didn’t accept that’s all I could do for her and after much research, trial and error, I changed her diet to raw.  Her diet consisted of raw goats milk, fish broth and a portion of meat.  I was hesitant at first not knowing much about raw feeding but in just two months her kidney values improved significantly and the vets were shocked.  I then realized the power of food and how healing it can be.  Before Solutions, Rosie’s creatinine was 3.1 and BUN 44,  she had high blood pressure and was a little more lethargic.   Since following the Solutions Restorative Kidney Diet, she is thriving and her kidney values are holding steady with a creatinine of 1.9 and BUN 23 and she no longer has high blood pressure.  We just celebrated her 3rd birthday and we’re now looking at many more years together when I was told she wouldn’t make it past 2.  I am weary of who I trust and what I feed my dog but Solutions Pet Products and their Restorative Kidney Diet have not only proven to be outstanding in quality but by far the best in the industry.  I am forever grateful to have more time with my girl and I owe it to her diet and everyone at Solutions."
- Shannon G. 

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