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"When I was told my 1 year old dog had kidney disease and wouldn’t make it till 2, I was devastated.  Her vet at the time told me to feed her a “prescription” food and hope for the best and that was it.  I didn’t accept that’s all I could do for her and after much research, trial and error, I changed her diet to raw.  Her diet consisted of raw goats milk, fish broth and a portion of meat.  I was hesitant at first not knowing much about raw feeding but in just two months her kidney values improved significantly and the vets were shocked.  I then realized the power of food and how healing it can be.  Before Solutions, Rosie’s creatinine was 3.1 and BUN 44,  she had high blood pressure and was a little more lethargic.   Since following the Solutions Restorative Kidney Diet, she is thriving and her kidney values are holding steady with a creatinine of 1.9 and BUN 23 and she no longer has high blood pressure.  We just celebrated her 3rd birthday and we’re now looking at many more years together when I was told she wouldn’t make it past 2.  I am weary of who I trust and what I feed my dog but Solutions Pet Products and their Restorative Kidney Diet have not only proven to be outstanding in quality but by far the best in the industry.  I am forever grateful to have more time with my girl and I owe it to her diet and everyone at Solutions."
- Shannon G. 

"I really wanted to share how blown away I have been by the improvement with my "allergy" dog. I really thought I was doing a decent job at feeding a clean diet. I get most of their organs, eggs, fruits, veggies and raw meaty bones from our farmers market. I also order a lot from Raw Feeding Miami. But I was buying a lot of their muscle meat from markdowns at the grocery store. I have only been consistently feeding your diets for the past three weeks - for my allergy pup I followed your allergy guidelines - the pork, with the pork or fish jiggles and the fat source. I have also fed him your chicken diet and he has done great on that as well. He's not perfect but I absolutely notice a decrease in redness and scratching and his skin is much improved. I had planned, because of cost, to just include your foods as part of my rotation but I honestly don't think I can afford not to keep them both on this!! I have tried so many variations over the years and I honestly was not expecting your food to have such a noticeable benefit (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say?!) . Sometimes it is hard to know if food or supplements are actually helping your dog and in this case it has been undeniable and for that, I am so thankful for all your efforts!"'

- Tracy
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you know that I truly beleieve your goat’s milk product saved my dogs life. He went from being a perfectly healthy dog with zero health problems ever to falling ill last August with severe neurological problems and suddenly went blind. Through administering your product, he has regained his health except for his eyesight. This is by far the best product of its kind that I’ve tried in over 18 years of having dogs."
- Esha

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