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Using traditional farming and modern science to create simple solutions to complex problems

Chelsea Kent

In 2007, Chelsea Kent co-opened Hero’s Pets in Littleton, CO, a holistic retail pet supply store that affords significant industry insight and provides the opportunity to see what’s currently important to consumers, manufacturers, reps, and distributors nationwide.

Kathy Kent

For the past 15+ years Kathy has enjoyed working alongside her daughters, Chelsea Kent and Logynn Hailley, to build Hero’s Pets into a prosperous, thriving business.  Through hard work, passion and diligence, they’ve been very successful business owners and are now ready to take it to the next level with Solutions Pet Products.  

Over the span of Kathy’s personal career, she developed strong project management, IT and management skills.  Kathy has extensive experience with business administration, large scale fundraising and IT administration.  She gained a wide range of these skills from working at National Jewish Medical & Research Center in various positions over 26 years.  Kathy is a high-level operational problem solver. 

In her free time Kathy likes to apply those problem solving and project management skills to making ambitious travel plans to see the world a reality for her family.   

Kathy looks forward to the new challenge of building Solutions Pet Products into something great!  She wants to make a difference in this world and Solutions Pet Products has all the right “ingredients” to do that! 

Roxanne Stone


Roxanne earned her bachelor and master’s degree in nutrition and food science with a minor in chemistry from Utah State University. She worked in the human food industry for 12 years before becoming disenchanted with the conventional practices of the corporate food industry and the use of confinement animal feeding operations. Her desire to contribute to organic and sustainable agriculture led her to leave the corporate food industry in 2004 to start Cascadia Food Consulting, an independent food and nutrition consulting company. As a consultant, she could better support the growth of biodynamic, organic and regenerative small family farms along with traditional agricultural practices based on pasture centered livestock. Roxanne made the transition to the pet food industry when her sister Jacqueline asked her to consult for their newly founded family pet food company. Roxanne was responsible for product formulations, ingredient sourcing, research and development, overseeing manufacturing, product education and quality assurance. To further the acceptance of raw pet foods within the regulatory arena, she attends the yearly AAFCO meetings, to represent and advocate for raw pet food manufacturers. Roxanne is a member of the Animal Welfare Institute. Also, the Weston A. Price Foundation and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which are dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet through education, research and activism. Roxanne resides in Eugene, Oregon with her husband and their two Alaskan Malamutes, Ame and Tsuki where they enjoy camping, hiking and skiing in the local mountains.

Angela Robertson


Angela comes to us from Austin, Texas via Mississippi, Louisiana, and Middle Tennessee! She relocated to Colorado in 2018 to make her life all about dogs. Angela has a graduate degree in Music Education and was a Director of Bands for several years before exploring new experiences in the animal industry.

She loves pet nutrition and holistic approaches to health and wellness. After working as an Education and Training Specialist for Hero’s Pets, a raw food specialty boutique for cats and dogs, she has seen firsthand how diet can not only improve but extend the life of dogs and cats. Angela decided to take a permanent commitment to pet health by gaining experience as a Veterinary Practice Manager and co-owner of ParsleyPet.


Angela is an advocate for homeless pets having been involved in animal rescue in Texas for many years. Senior rescues are her favorite! She has two dogs, Harley and Babe! She also has two cats, George Maverick and Alfred Jackson (AJ).

Eric Nault


Eric Nault is our Vice President of Business Development and oversees retailer and distributor relations, marketing, brand development, and business strategy, and is also involved in product development, ingredient sourcing, and education. His passion is to further the discussion surrounding transparent food as it relates to both personal and environmental health. He currently lives in Omaha, NE with his daughter Evalyn and their two cats, Edward and Alphonse.

Josh Heim


Josh’s past experience in the fresh pet food business is extensive and he is an invaluable member of the Solutions Pet Products team! 

Logynn Hailley


Logynn developed all the branding for Hero’s Pets since its inception in 2007.  From the store’s name and logo, social media, and even interior design of the store, she’s crafted our company identity.  And now she’s applied that experience to branding Solutions Pet Products.   Among other things, Logynn is a professional artist and game designer and has an extensive portfolio.  She has many other talents that lend itself to being an integral part of the family businesses!

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