Pet Food Math – How long will the package last

Pet Food Math?

All you ever wanted to know about your pet food label in numbers

How long will this package of food last?
Part 7

We are in our second to last step of pet food math!

In the previous parts of this series we have identified the following facts:

  • There are 100 cups in a package of our example food
  • We have 3 example dogs. One is eating 0.9 cups per day, one is eating 2.3 cups per day, and one is eating 1.6 cups per day

Using these numbers, we can figure out how long the package will last.

Simply divide the number of cups in the package by the number of cups you’ll be using each day.

Example #1:

100 (cups in the package) / 0.9 (cups being fed per day) = 111 days

Example #2:

100 (cups in the package) / 2.3 (cups being fed per day) = 43.5 days

Example #3:

100 (cups in the package) / 1.6 (cups being fed per day) = 62.5 day

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How much will this food cost me every month?

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